Fitness Push Up Bar Stands


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Product Information:
1、Removable design, easy to disassemble and assemble, regardless of home, travel, sports.
2、Increase the friction with the ground when doing push-ups to prevent slipping, which greatly enhances safety.
3、Non-slip foam covers the handle for comfort.
4、Exercise more muscles in all directions, exercise on the shoulders, chest and arms.
5、Strong load-bearing capacity for all athletes.
1. Removable design, easy to disassemble and assemble, regardless of home, travel, sports.
2. Increase the friction with the ground when doing push-ups to prevent slipping, which greatly enhances safety.
3. Non-slip foam covers the handle, comfortable.
4. Exercise more muscles in all directions, exercise in the four parts of the shoulder, chest and chest.
5. Strong load-bearing capacity, suitable for all athletes.

Name: push-up bar stand
Size: Approx.23*14*13cm/9.06*5.51*5.12in.
Material: PP+PVC+foam
Colour: Black
Applicable scene: fitness equipment, bodybuilding and shaping.

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Push-up bar stand*2

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